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createWiki(WikiCreationRequest) - Method in class
Asynchronously create a wiki.
createWiki(WikiCreationRequest) - Method in interface
Start an asynchronous wiki creation.


equals(Object) - Method in exception
execute(WikiCreationRequest) - Method in interface
Execute the steps.


getAlias() - Method in class
getDefaultWikiExtensionId() - Method in class
getDescription() - Method in class
getExtensionId() - Method in class
getJobStatus(String) - Method in class
getJobStatus(String) - Method in interface
getLastError() - Method in class
Get the error generated while performing the previously called action.
getMembers() - Method in class
getMembershipType() - Method in class
getOrder() - Method in interface
The creation steps are sorted in ascending order before being executed so this method returns the one of the current steps.
getOwnerId() - Method in class
getPrettyName() - Method in class
getTemplateId() - Method in class
getUserScope() - Method in class
getWikiId() - Method in class
getWikiSource() - Method in class


hashCode() - Method in exception


isFailOnExist() - Method in class
isTemplate() - Method in class


newWikiCreationRequest() - Method in class

O - package - package


setAlias(String) - Method in class
setDescription(String) - Method in class
setExtensionId(ExtensionId) - Method in class
Set the id of the main extension of the wiki to create.
setExtensionId(String, String) - Method in class
Set the id of the main extension of the wiki to create.
setFailOnExist(boolean) - Method in class
setMembers(List<String>) - Method in class
setMembershipType(MembershipType) - Method in class
setOwnerId(String) - Method in class
setPrettyName(String) - Method in class
setTemplate(boolean) - Method in class
setTemplateId(String) - Method in class
Set the id of the template of the wiki to create.
setUserScope(UserScope) - Method in class
setWikiId(String) - Method in class
setWikiSource(WikiSource) - Method in class


valueOf(String) - Static method in enum
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Static method in enum
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.


WikiCreationException - Exception in
Exception concerning the Wiki Creator module.
WikiCreationException(String) - Constructor for exception
Construct a new exception.
WikiCreationException(String, Throwable) - Constructor for exception
Construct a new exception.
WikiCreationJobScriptServices - Class in
Script services for the creation of wikis.
WikiCreationJobScriptServices() - Constructor for class
WikiCreationRequest - Class in
A wiki creation request containing all information about a wiki to create.
WikiCreationRequest() - Constructor for class
WikiCreationStep - Interface in
Step to be executed during the wiki creation job.
WikiCreator - Interface in
Component to create a wiki and perform actions during the creation.
WikiSource - Enum in
The source of provisioning for a wiki.
C E G H I N O S V W 
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