Interface XWikiStubContextProvider

  • @Role
    public interface XWikiStubContextProvider
    Tool to make easier to generate stub XWikiContext. It's supposed to be initialized once with the first request and it can be called to get a stub context generated from this initial XWikiContext.

    The reason to initialize it based on first request is to get some informations we could not know otherwise like a default scheme/host/port.

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    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        void initialize​(XWikiContext context)
        Initialize a stub context from a real context.

        We create initial stub context from a real XWikiContext to have a stub as complete as possible. Like getting the proper host/port/scheme, the engine context etc.

        context - a real XWikiContext
      • createStubContext

        XWikiContext createStubContext()
        a usable XWikiContext