Class R6405XWIKI1933DataMigration

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DataMigration, HibernateDataMigration

    public class R6405XWIKI1933DataMigration
    extends R4340XWIKI883DataMigration
    Migration for XWIKI1933: Editing users fails. Note: This data migration should only be executed if the R4340XWIKI833 one has already been executed during a previous migration (i.e. if the database is in version >= 4340). This is because it fixes a bug that cause the previous data migration to have only been executed in the main wiki, and there was some code that inserted wrong data after the migration.
    $Id: 3d39d736e1470efeaf236229cb1a8aa2bc7d4d9e $