Class R6079XWIKI1878DataMigration

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DataMigration, HibernateDataMigration

    public class R6079XWIKI1878DataMigration
    extends AbstractHibernateDataMigration
    Migration for XWIKI1878: Fix xwikircs table isdiff data not matching RCS state of some revisions (when the state says "full" the isdiff column in the database should be false). Note: This data migration should only be executed if the R4359XWIKI1459 one has already been executed (i.e. if the database is in version >= 4360). This is because it fixes a bug in R4359XWIKI1459 which has now been fixed.
    $Id: 82c9d5b8a94d5337a9fa5c0f9b70d7b596e06b24 $
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      • R6079XWIKI1878DataMigration

        public R6079XWIKI1878DataMigration()