Class R35101XWIKI7645DataMigration

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DataMigration, HibernateDataMigration

    public class R35101XWIKI7645DataMigration
    extends AbstractHibernateDataMigration
    Migration for XWIKI-7564: Manually change the SQL type of long binary columns from LONG RAW to proper BLOBs when the underlying database is Oracle. More specifically, this migrator changes the attachment content and attachment archive columns from LONG RAW to BLOB, and rebuilds the indexes on those tables afterwards. The columns must be switched to BLOB since this is the expected column type when using the new mapping files. Rebuilding the indexes is needed because changing a table's columns automatically invalidates the indexes on those tables, and with unusable indexes any new insertion in those tables will trigger an exception.
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      • R35101XWIKI7645DataMigration

        public R35101XWIKI7645DataMigration()