Class BaseCollection<R extends EntityReference>

    • Field Detail

      • fields

        protected Map<String,​Object> fields
        List of properties (eg XClass properties, XObject properties, etc).
      • fieldsToRemove

        protected List<Object> fieldsToRemove
      • number

        protected int number
        The meaning of this reference fields depends on the element represented. Examples:
        • When the BaseCollection represents an XObject, this number is the position of this XObject in the document where it's located. The first XObject of a given XClass type is at position 0, and other XObject of the same XClass type are at position 1, etc.
      • relativeEntityReferenceResolver

        protected EntityReferenceResolver<String> relativeEntityReferenceResolver
        Used to resolve XClass references in the way they are stored externally (database, xml, etc), ie relative or absolute.
    • Constructor Detail

      • BaseCollection

        public BaseCollection()