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AbstractEntityNameValidation - Class in org.xwiki.model.validation
Define generic methods for transforming or validating entities based on the implementation of the transform(String) and isValid(String).
AbstractEntityNameValidation() - Constructor for class org.xwiki.model.validation.AbstractEntityNameValidation


EntityNameValidation - Interface in org.xwiki.model.validation
Define a strategy to validate or transform an entity reference.
EntityNameValidationConfiguration - Interface in org.xwiki.model.validation
Define the configuration of the name strategy to be used.
EntityNameValidationManager - Interface in org.xwiki.model.validation
Manage the available EntityNameValidation components.


getAvailableEntityNameValidations() - Method in interface org.xwiki.model.validation.EntityNameValidationManager
getEntityNameValidation() - Method in interface org.xwiki.model.validation.EntityNameValidationConfiguration
getEntityReferenceNameStrategy() - Method in interface org.xwiki.model.validation.EntityNameValidationManager
getEntityReferenceNameStrategy(String) - Method in interface org.xwiki.model.validation.EntityNameValidationManager


isValid(EntityReference) - Method in class org.xwiki.model.validation.AbstractEntityNameValidation
isValid(String) - Method in interface org.xwiki.model.validation.EntityNameValidation
Validate a name against a set of rules: usually a pattern is used to validate a name.
isValid(EntityReference) - Method in interface org.xwiki.model.validation.EntityNameValidation
Validate that the given EntityReference respects the current policy.


org.xwiki.model.validation - package org.xwiki.model.validation


resetStrategies() - Method in interface org.xwiki.model.validation.EntityNameValidationManager
Allow to reset the configuration of the strategies.


transform(EntityReference) - Method in class org.xwiki.model.validation.AbstractEntityNameValidation
transform(String) - Method in interface org.xwiki.model.validation.EntityNameValidation
Transforms a name such as isValid(String) return true.
transform(EntityReference) - Method in interface org.xwiki.model.validation.EntityNameValidation
Aims at transforming an entity reference such as isValid(EntityReference) returns true.


useTransformation() - Method in interface org.xwiki.model.validation.EntityNameValidationConfiguration
useValidation() - Method in interface org.xwiki.model.validation.EntityNameValidationConfiguration
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