Class ResetPasswordCompletePage

  • public class ResetPasswordCompletePage
    extends ViewPage
    Represents the actions possible on the XWiki.ResetPasswordComplete page, where a user lands by using a reset password link provided by mail by the XWiki.ResetPassword page.
    $Id: 9cb3a8dff9e8a641cf9afbbc86379db148c91baa $
    • Constructor Detail

      • ResetPasswordCompletePage

        public ResetPasswordCompletePage()
    • Method Detail

      • isResetLinkValid

        public boolean isResetLinkValid()
        To be called the first time the page is opened, using a password reset link.
        true if the reset link is valid and the form to change the password is being displayed, false otherwise.
      • getPassowrd

        public String getPassowrd()
      • setPassword

        public void setPassword​(String newPassword)
      • getPasswordConfirmation

        public String getPasswordConfirmation()
      • setPasswordConfirmation

        public void setPasswordConfirmation​(String newPasswordConfirmation)
      • isPasswordSuccessfullyReset

        public boolean isPasswordSuccessfullyReset()
      • getMessage

        public String getMessage()