Interface IWikiScannerContext

    • Method Detail

      • beginDocument

        void beginDocument()
      • beginHeader

        void beginHeader​(int level)
      • beginHeader

        void beginHeader​(int level,
                         WikiParameters params)
      • beginList

        void beginList()
      • beginListItem

        void beginListItem​(String item)
      • beginParagraph

        void beginParagraph()
      • beginPropertyBlock

        void beginPropertyBlock​(String property,
                                boolean doc)
      • beginPropertyInline

        void beginPropertyInline​(String str)
      • beginQuot

        void beginQuot()
      • beginQuotLine

        void beginQuotLine​(int depth)
      • beginTable

        void beginTable()
      • beginTableCell

        void beginTableCell​(boolean headCell)
      • beginTableCell

        void beginTableCell​(boolean headCell,
                            WikiParameters params)
      • beginTableRow

        void beginTableRow​(boolean headCell)
        Starts a new table row and adds the first cell to the table.
        headCell - if this parameter is true then this method starts the header cell at the beginning of the line
      • beginTableRow

        void beginTableRow​(boolean head,
                           WikiParameters rowParams,
                           WikiParameters cellParams)
        Starts a new table row and adds the first cell to the table.
        head - if this parameter is true then this method starts the header cell at the beginning of the line
        rowParams - parameters of the row
        cellParams - parameters of the first row cell
      • beginTableRow

        void beginTableRow​(WikiParameters rowParams)
        Starts a new table row (but doesn't add a cell).
      • canApplyDefintionSplitter

        boolean canApplyDefintionSplitter()
      • checkFormatStyle

        boolean checkFormatStyle​(WikiStyle style)
      • closeBlock

        void closeBlock()
      • endDocument

        void endDocument()
      • endHeader

        void endHeader()
      • endInfo

        void endInfo()
      • endList

        void endList()
      • endListItem

        void endListItem()
      • endParagraph

        void endParagraph()
      • endPropertyBlock

        void endPropertyBlock()
      • endPropertyInline

        void endPropertyInline()
      • endQuot

        void endQuot()
      • endQuotLine

        void endQuotLine()
      • endTable

        void endTable()
      • endTableCell

        void endTableCell()
      • endTableExplicit

        void endTableExplicit()
      • endTableRow

        void endTableRow()
      • beginFigure

        default void beginFigure​(WikiParameters params)
        Starts a new figure.
        params - Parameters of the figure.
      • endFigure

        default void endFigure()
        Ends a figure.
      • beginFigureCaption

        default void beginFigureCaption​(WikiParameters params)
        Starts a figure caption. This must only be used inside a figure.
        params - The parameters of the caption.
      • endFigureCaption

        default void endFigureCaption()
        Ends a figure caption.
      • getTableCellCounter

        int getTableCellCounter()
      • getTableRowCounter

        int getTableRowCounter()
      • isInDefinitionList

        boolean isInDefinitionList()
      • isInDefinitionTerm

        boolean isInDefinitionTerm()
      • isInHeader

        boolean isInHeader()
      • isInInlineProperty

        boolean isInInlineProperty()
      • isInList

        boolean isInList()
      • isInTable

        boolean isInTable()
      • isInTableCell

        boolean isInTableCell()
      • isInTableRow

        boolean isInTableRow()
      • onDefinitionListItemSplit

        void onDefinitionListItemSplit()
      • onEmptyLines

        void onEmptyLines​(int count)
      • onEscape

        void onEscape​(String str)
      • onFormat

        void onFormat​(WikiStyle wikiStyle)
      • beginFormat

        void beginFormat​(WikiStyle wikiStyle)
      • endFormat

        void endFormat​(WikiStyle wikiStyle)
      • onHorizontalLine

        void onHorizontalLine()
      • onImage

        void onImage​(String ref)
      • onLineBreak

        void onLineBreak()
      • onNewLine

        void onNewLine()
      • onQuotLine

        void onQuotLine​(int depth)
      • onReference

        void onReference​(String ref)
      • onSpace

        void onSpace​(String str)
      • onSpecialSymbol

        void onSpecialSymbol​(String str)
      • onTableCaption

        void onTableCaption​(String str)
      • onTableCell

        void onTableCell​(boolean headCell)
      • onTableCell

        void onTableCell​(boolean head,
                         WikiParameters cellParams)
      • onWord

        void onWord​(String str)