Interface IWemListenerSimpleBlocks

    • Method Detail

      • beginInfoBlock

        void beginInfoBlock​(String infoType,
                            WikiParameters params)
        This method is used to notify about the beginning of a "typed" paragraph. Some wiki syntaxes have special markups to define simple block elements corresponding to "warnings", "info blocks" and so on. Blocks of this type can have formatted inline elements.
        infoType - the "type" of the special block
        params - parameters of this block
        See Also:
        endInfoBlock(String, WikiParameters)
      • beginParagraph

        void beginParagraph​(WikiParameters params)
        Begin of a simple paragraph. Paragraphs can contain only formatted inline elements.
        params - paragraph parameters
        See Also:
      • onEmptyLines

        void onEmptyLines​(int count)
        This method is used to notify about a sequence of empty lines. This event can be interpreted as an "empty paragraph".
        count - the number of empty lines found in the text
      • onHorizontalLine

        void onHorizontalLine​(WikiParameters params)
        This method notifies horizontal lines defined in the text.
        params - parameters of the horizontal line
      • onVerbatimBlock

        void onVerbatimBlock​(String str,
                             WikiParameters params)
        This method notifies about a verbatim (pre-formatted) block defined in the text
        str - the content of the verbatim (pre-formatted) block
        params - parameters of the verbatim block