Class TestDataConfiguration

  • public class TestDataConfiguration
    extends Object
    Contains Test configuration data (whether to run transformations or not, list of tests to ignore, etc).
    $Id: 2532d1c799c8fc79257e60b385e1c2efd67e4cbf $
    • Field Detail

      • notApplicableTests

        public List<String> notApplicableTests
        List of tests that are not applicable, using regexes (eg .*&#47;bold1\\(IN\\).*).
      • failingTests

        public List<String> failingTests
        List of tests that are excluded because they're currently failing (they need to be fixed ASAP), using regexes (eg .*&#47;bold1\\(IN\\).*).
      • testDescriptions

        public Properties testDescriptions
        List of test descriptions.
      • inheritSyntax

        public String inheritSyntax
        The Syntax to inherit from if any. If an inherited syntax is specified then if a test doesn't exist for the current Syntax the test runner will look for that test in the inherited syntax.
      • fileExtension

        public String fileExtension
        The extension of the test files.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TestDataConfiguration

        public TestDataConfiguration()