Class TestData

  • public class TestData
    extends Object
    Contains Test Data for a single test.
    $Id: 52a5a31f604122724c60da88a4e84b116375b57d $
    • Field Detail

      • syntaxId

        public String syntaxId
        The syntax being tested and in which the syntax data is written in (eg "xwiki/2.0").
      • prefix

        public String prefix
        The location where this tests is found in the CTS classpath (eg "cts/simple/bold/bold1").
      • syntaxExtension

        public String syntaxExtension
        Test Syntax file extension. To compute the full Syntax test name, use: prefix + syntaxExtension.
      • ctsExtension

        public String ctsExtension
        CTS file extension. To compute the full CTS test name, use: prefix + ctsExtension.
      • isSyntaxInputTest

        public boolean isSyntaxInputTest
        True if this test is an input test, ie the syntax data represents an input, false otherwise.
      • ctsData

        public String ctsData
        The CTS test data (either input or output, depending on whether the syntax data is input or outut; it's the opposite of the syntax data).
      • syntaxData

        public String syntaxData
        The syntax data (either input or output).
    • Constructor Detail

      • TestData

        public TestData()
    • Method Detail

      • isNotApplicable

        public boolean isNotApplicable()
        if this test matches a not-applicable-test regex
      • isFailingTest

        public boolean isFailingTest()
        if this test matches a failing-test regex
      • computeTestName

        public String computeTestName()
        Compute the test name, used to display in the JUnit Test Runner and for ignoring tests.
        the computed test name (eg "simple/bold/bold1 [xwiki/2.0,, CTS:bold1.inout.xml]")
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object