Class LookaheadWikiPrinter

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    public class LookaheadWikiPrinter
    extends WrappingWikiPrinter
    Wiki printer that allows deferring printing text and that instead can save it in some internal buffer. This allows accumulating some content before it's flushed. This feature is used for example in the XWiki Syntax Renderer to accumulate text so that it be reviewed and escaped before printed (indeed some text has some characters that need to be escaped or they'd have a wiki meaning otherwise).
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      • LookaheadWikiPrinter

        public LookaheadWikiPrinter​(WikiPrinter printer)
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      • printInternal

        protected void printInternal​(String text)
      • printlnInternal

        protected void printlnInternal​(String text)
      • printDelayed

        public void printDelayed​(String text)
      • printlnDelayed

        public void printlnDelayed​(String text)
      • flush

        public void flush()
      • getEOL

        protected String getEOL()
        This method is protected to allow classes extending this one to define what a new line is.
        a new line symbols