Class InterWikiResourceReference

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    public class InterWikiResourceReference
    extends ResourceReference
    Represents a reference to an external wiki(Inter Wiki). An InterWiki reference is a shorthand notation to reference a set of external URL, all having a common prefix (eg http://server/some/common/prefix/a1, http://server/some/common/prefix/a2). An InterWiki reference is made of an InterWiki Alias which is a name corresponding to the common URL and an InterWiki Path which is the suffix to append to the common URL part to make the full URL.
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        public static final String INTERWIKI_ALIAS
        The name of the parameter representing the InterWiki Alias.
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      • setInterWikiAlias

        public void setInterWikiAlias​(String interWikiAlias)
        interWikiAlias - see getInterWikiAlias()
      • getInterWikiAlias

        public String getInterWikiAlias()
        the Inter Wiki alias to which the resource is pointing to or null if not defined. Mappings between Inter Wiki aliases and actual locations are defined in the Inter Wiki Map. Example: "wikipedia"