Interface RenderingConfiguration

  • @Role
    public interface RenderingConfiguration
    Configuration properties for the Rendering module.

    You can override the default values for each of the configuration properties below by defining them in XWiki's global configuration file using a prefix of "rendering" followed by the property name. For example: rendering.linkLabelFormat = %s.%p

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    • Method Detail

      • getLinkLabelFormat

        String getLinkLabelFormat()
        A link label format is the format used to decide how to display links that have no label. By default the page name is displayed. However it's possible to customize it using the following tokens:
        • %w: wiki name
        • %s: space name
        • %p: page name
        • %P: page name with spaces between camel case words, i.e. "My Page" if the page name is "MyPage"
        • %t: page title
        Note that if the page title is empty or not defined then it defaults to %p. This is also the case if the title cannot be retrieved for the document. The default is "%p". Some examples: "%s.%p", "%w:%s.%p".
        the format to use to display link labels when the user hasn't specified a label
      • getInterWikiDefinitions

        Properties getInterWikiDefinitions()
        the list of InterWiki definitions. Each InterWiki definition is made of an alias and a base URL.
        See Also:
      • getTransformationNames

        List<String> getTransformationNames()
        the names of transformations to execute when rendering document content, ordered by transformation priority (highest priority first)