Package org.xwiki.url

Interface URLConfiguration

  • @Role
    public interface URLConfiguration
    Configuration options for the URL module.
    $Id: f818422a22be4c091f862669bbd93576772b55fd $
    • Method Detail

      • getURLFormatId

        String getURLFormatId()
        the id of the URL format to use when converting a URL to a Resource. This allows to plug in different implementations and thus allows to completely control the format of XWiki URLs.
      • useResourceLastModificationDate

        default boolean useResourceLastModificationDate()
        true means that we'll check for the last modification date of a resource to put it as a query parameter of the URL. This mechanism allows to avoid cache issues with the browser when modifying a file. false means we'll fallback on the wiki version to handle this cache issue. Its default value is true.
      • getTrustedDomains

        default List<String> getTrustedDomains()
        Specify the list of domains that are considered as trusted by the administrators of the wiki: those domains can be used safely for redirections from the wiki or for performing other requests on them.
        the list of trusted domains that can be used in the wiki.
        13.3RC1, 12.10.7
      • isTrustedDomainsEnabled

        default boolean isTrustedDomainsEnabled()
        Define if the trusted domains check should be performed or not. This option is provided only to allow bypassing security checks globally on the wiki in case of problems.
        true if the security check on domains should be performed. false otherwise.
        13.3RC1, 12.10.7
      • getTrustedSchemes

        default List<String> getTrustedSchemes()
        Define which URI schemes should be trusted when checking if an URI can be trusted or not. Note that the list of defined schemes might not be enough if the scheme protocol is not supported (by default, only http, https, ftp and files are supported).
        a list of supported schemes for checking trusted URI
        14.10.4, 15.0