Class XWikiValidator

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    public class XWikiValidator
    extends AbstractHTML5Validator
    Validator allowing to validate (X)HTML content against some XWiki rules.
    $Id: 7306174c808f970c9411950747d14062b2ed8e7b $
    • Constructor Detail

      • XWikiValidator

        public XWikiValidator()
    • Method Detail

      • validateFailingMacros

        public void validateFailingMacros()
        Check if there is any rendering error in the generated XHTML.
      • validateNotEmptyHeadingId

        public void validateNotEmptyHeadingId()
        Check if there is any heading with empty (generally generated) id value.
      • validateUrlOrResourcesWithoutDoubleInterrogationMark

        public void validateUrlOrResourcesWithoutDoubleInterrogationMark()
        Ensure that no URL or resource link contains two "?".
      • getName

        public String getName()
        the name of the validator