Class Exporter

  • public class Exporter
    extends Object
    Export a set of XWiki documents from an existing database into the file system.
    $Id: 82167471c499742a0136e64b7a84644183acd772 $
    • Constructor Detail

      • Exporter

        public Exporter​(OldCoreHelper oldCoreHelper)
        oldCoreHelper - various tools to manipulate oldcore APIs
    • Method Detail

      • exportDocuments

        public void exportDocuments​(File exportDirectory,
                                    String wikiId)
                             throws Exception
        Export documents from an existing loaded XWiki database. The database is defined by its passed name and by an Hibernate configuration file.
        exportDirectory - the directory where to export the documents
        wikiId - the wiki to export
        Exception - if the export failed for any reason