Interface TemplateRequirement

  • @Role
    public interface TemplateRequirement
    Component in charge of validating the a requirement for a template.

    This requirement is generally expressed using the template content properties syntax as ##!require.<hint>=<value>. For example if the following template will trigger a call to checkRequirement(String, String, Template) with the requirement key "my.requirement" and value "expected value":

     ##! value
    15.0RC1, 14.10.1
    $Id: 6e3154dc2724e1b25b5079975b88818b6025142a $
    • Method Detail

      • checkRequirement

        void checkRequirement​(String requirementKey,
                              String value,
                              Template template)
                       throws TemplateRequirementException
        requirementKey - the requirement key to check
        value - the requirement value to check
        template - the template on which the requirement applies
        TemplateRequirementException - when the requirement is not met or cannot be evaluated