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getStream() - Method in class org.xwiki.store.serialization.SerializationStreamProvider


org.xwiki.store.serialization - package org.xwiki.store.serialization
org.xwiki.store.serialization.xml - package org.xwiki.store.serialization.xml


parse(InputStream) - Method in interface org.xwiki.store.serialization.Serializer
Parse an InputStream and create a new object.
parse(Element) - Method in interface org.xwiki.store.serialization.xml.XMLSerializer
Deserialize from an XML Element.


SerializationStreamProvider<R> - Class in org.xwiki.store.serialization
A stream provider which provides a stream from serializing an object.
SerializationStreamProvider(Serializer<R, ?>, R) - Constructor for class org.xwiki.store.serialization.SerializationStreamProvider
The Constructor.
serialize(R) - Method in interface org.xwiki.store.serialization.Serializer
Serialize the given object and return an InputStream.
serialize(R, XMLWriter) - Method in interface org.xwiki.store.serialization.xml.XMLSerializer
Serialize to an XMLWriter.
Serializer<R,​P extends R> - Interface in org.xwiki.store.serialization
A generic thing for converting objects of a known type into InputStreams and back again.


XMLSerializer<R,​P extends R> - Interface in org.xwiki.store.serialization.xml
A Serializer which converts objects into XML Elements and back.
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