Interface SkinExtensionConfiguration

  • @Role
    public interface SkinExtensionConfiguration
    Configuration options for skin extensions.
    12.7.1, 12.8RC1
    $Id: a0225471da72b1870d119c3ba744abcbfa7066be $
    • Method Detail

      • shouldRunJavaScriptInStrictMode

        boolean shouldRunJavaScriptInStrictMode()
        See .

        When strict mode is enabled:

        • the JavaScript minification may fail if the code is poorly written. See for a list of errors that may occur. When this happens XWiki returns the original (unminified) JavaScript source.
        • the minified JavaScript includes the "use strict;" statement which means the code may fail at runtime if it doesn't follow the ECMAScript strict rules.
        true if the JavaScript skin extensions should be parsed in strict mode when minified at runtime and whether the minified JavaScript should include the "use strict;" statement that enables the execution of JavaScript in strict mode for browsers that supports it, false otherwise