Class AbstractSxAction

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    Direct Known Subclasses:
    JsxAction, SsxAction

    public abstract class AbstractSxAction
    extends XWikiAction
    Abstract Skin Extension action. Contains the logic to generate the response based on a extension source and a type of extension that implementing classes must provide.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractSxAction

        public AbstractSxAction()
    • Method Detail

      • getLogger

        protected abstract org.slf4j.Logger getLogger()
        the logging object of the concrete subclass.
      • renderExtension

        public void renderExtension​(SxSource sxSource,
                                    Extension sxType,
                                    XWikiContext context)
                             throws XWikiException
        This method must be called by render(XWikiContext). Render is in charge of creating the proper source and extension type, and pass it as an argument to this method which will forge the proper response using those.
        sxSource - the source of the extension.
        sxType - the type of extension
        context - the XWiki context when rendering the skin extension.
        XWikiException - when an error occurs when building the response.
      • getDebugConfiguration

        protected com.xpn.xwiki.internal.debug.DebugConfiguration getDebugConfiguration()
      • getExtensionType

        public abstract Extension getExtensionType()
        Get the type of extension, depends on the type of action.
        a new object which extends Extension.