Interface RetrieveUsernameManager

  • @Unstable
    public interface RetrieveUsernameManager
    Default manager for handling requests of user who lost their usernames.
    14.9, 14.4.6, 13.10.10
    $Id: 3adbf93b483df3f4781a656cc1541bba8cda7476 $
    • Method Detail

      • findUsers

        Set<UserReference> findUsers​(String requestEmail)
                              throws RetrieveUsernameException
        Look for the users registered with the given email address in current wiki and main wiki if none can be found in current one.
        requestEmail - the email to use to find users.
        a set of user references that have been found matching the mail.
        RetrieveUsernameException - in case of problem to execute the query for finding users.
      • sendRetrieveUsernameEmail

        void sendRetrieveUsernameEmail​(String requestEmail,
                                       Set<UserReference> userReferences)
                                throws RetrieveUsernameException
        Send an email to the given username with the username information of the given user references.
        requestEmail - the email address to use for sending the information
        userReferences - the actual user references that can be used by this user
        RetrieveUsernameException - in case of problem when sending the email, or if the email address is wrong, or if the set of user references is empty.