Class LazyXWikiDocument

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Cloneable, DocumentModelBridge

    public class LazyXWikiDocument
    extends XWikiDocument
    Read only lazy loading document.

    The following informations are taken into account:

    • document reference: the absolute reference of the document
    • document language: if provided the proper language version of the document is loaded. If not the default one is loaded.
    • document version: if provided the proper version of the document is loaded. Also make extra sure to bypass cache storage for remote observation use case.

    originalDocument remain the property of LazyXWikiDocument object and is not taken from the lazy loaded document since it depends on how this XWikiDocument object is used (its technical meaning is its state in the database before any modification but in the case of observation it's used as the previous version of the document). TODO: we should probably think about a separation of theses two notions in something more clear, something for the new model.

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