Class R130200000XWIKI17200DataMigration

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    DataMigration, HibernateDataMigration

    public class R130200000XWIKI17200DataMigration
    extends AbstractHibernateDataMigration
    This migration aims at applying the fix done on (change the type of some column so that they fit in the maximum allowed maximum row size for the used table type) instances older than 11.3RC1. Without this it's difficult to migrate to utf8mb3. It's also a requirement for AbstractResizeMigration.

    The columns are:

    • LegacyEvent/activitystream_events
      • url
      • title
      • body
      • param1
      • param2
      • param3
      • param4
      • param5
    • RefererStats/xwikistatsreferer
      • referer
    • VisitStats/xwikistatsvisit
      • userAgent
      • cookie
    • XWikiPreferences/xwikipreferences
      • leftPanels
      • rightPanels
      • documentBundles
    13.2RC1, 12.10.6
    $Id: 7c5e58648ffb645ed63b52d4efbd76993a115f70 $