Class ListProperty

    • Field Detail

      • list

        protected transient List<String> list
        We make this a notifying list, because we must propagate any value updates to the owner document.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ListProperty

        public ListProperty()
    • Method Detail

      • setFormStringSeparator

        public void setFormStringSeparator​(String formStringSeparator)
        since 7.0M2. This was never used, since it is not the right place to handle separators. They are defined in ListClass and that is where they are now handled through ListClass.toFormString(BaseProperty).
      • getTextValue

        public String getTextValue()
        This method is called by Hibernate to get the raw value to store in the database. Check the xwiki.hbm.xml file.
        the string value that is saved in the database
      • toSingleFormString

        public String toSingleFormString()
        Since 7.0M2. This method is here for a long time but it does not seem to have ever been used and it does not bring any value compared to the existing BaseProperty.toFormString() method.
      • cloneInternal

        protected void cloneInternal​(BaseProperty clone)
        Description copied from class: BaseProperty
        Subclasses override this to copy values during cloning.
        cloneInternal in class BaseProperty
        clone - The cloned value.
      • setList

        public void setList​(List<String> list)
        Starting from 4.3M2, this method will copy the list passed as parameter. Due to XWIKI-8398 we must be able to detect when the values in the list changes, so we cannot store the values in any type of list.
        list - The list to copy.
      • mergeValue

        protected MergeManagerResult<Object,​Object> mergeValue​(Object previousValue,
                                                                     Object newValue,
                                                                     MergeConfiguration configuration)
        Description copied from class: BaseProperty
        Try to apply 3 ways merge on property value. Note that this method does not modify the internal value of the property.
        mergeValue in class BaseProperty
        previousValue - the previous version of the value
        newValue - the new version of the value
        configuration - the merge configuration to use