Class CustomNotificationFilterModal

  • public class CustomNotificationFilterModal
    extends BaseModal
    Represents the Add filter modal.
    $Id: 072d92dd5032ad2b01f6a1262edbeb393d9ee94c $
    • Constructor Detail

      • CustomNotificationFilterModal

        public CustomNotificationFilterModal()
        Default constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • getLocations

        public DocumentTreeElement getLocations()
        the tree allowing to select the locations.
      • getEventsSelector

        public getEventsSelector()
        Get the select element for the event types: note that we don't rely on Select since it's hitting Escape key when performing select which closes the modal.
        the select element for the event types of the filter.
      • clickCancel

        public void clickCancel()
        Close the modal by cancelling it and wait until the modal is not displayed anymore.
      • isSubmitEnabled

        public boolean isSubmitEnabled()
        true if the submit button is enabled.
      • clickSubmit

        public void clickSubmit()
        Click on the submit button to add the new filter and wait until the modal is closed and the livetable of custom filter preferences has been refreshed. Be careful to call isSubmitEnabled() before to ensure the submit button can be clicked.