Class PageClassPropertyReference

    • Constructor Detail

      • PageClassPropertyReference

        public PageClassPropertyReference​(EntityReference reference)
        Constructor which would raise exceptions if the source entity reference does not have the appropriate type or parent, etc.
        reference - the raw reference to build this object reference from
      • PageClassPropertyReference

        protected PageClassPropertyReference​(EntityReference reference,
                                             EntityReference oldReference,
                                             EntityReference newReference)
        Clone an ClassPropertyReference, but replace one of the parent in the chain by a new one.
        reference - the reference that is cloned
        oldReference - the old parent that will be replaced
        newReference - the new parent that will replace oldReference in the chain
      • PageClassPropertyReference

        public PageClassPropertyReference​(String propertyName,
                                          PageReference classReference)
        Builds a property reference for the passed property in the passed object.
        propertyName - the name of the property to create reference for
        classReference - the reference to the class whose property is
      • PageClassPropertyReference

        public PageClassPropertyReference​(EntityReference reference,
                                          EntityReference parent)
        Clone an PageClassPropertyReference, but use the specified parent for its new parent.
        reference - the reference to clone
        parent - the new parent to use