Interface CompatibilityOfficeConverter

  • public interface CompatibilityOfficeConverter
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      • convert

        Map<String,​byte[]> convert​(Map<String,​InputStream> inputStreams,
                                         String inputFileName,
                                         String outputFileName)
                                  throws OfficeConverterException
        Attempts to convert the input document identified by inputStreams and inputFileName arguments into the format identified by outputFileName argument.
        inputStreams - input streams corresponding to the input document; it's possible that some document types (e.g. HTML) consists of more than one input stream corresponding to different artifacts embedded within document content
        inputFileName - name of the main input file within inputStreams map; this argument is used to determine the format of the input document
        outputFileName - name of the main output file; an entry corresponding to this name will be available in the results map if the conversion succeeds; This argument is used to determine the format of the output document
        map of file names to file contents resulting from the conversion
        OfficeConverterException - if an error occurs during the conversion