Class PreviewBox

  • public class PreviewBox
    extends ViewPage
    Represents the preview iframe of when customizing a theme. Be careful when using it: the context is switched to be inside the iframe when the box is created. You need to call explicitely switchToDefaultContent() to come back on the main frame.
    $Id: fc5065b5a236f3b7ab1e7f78f20a42045764e00f $
    • Constructor Detail

      • PreviewBox

        public PreviewBox()
        Default constructor: it switches automatically inside the iframe (see switchToPreviewBox()).
    • Method Detail

      • switchToPreviewBox

        public void switchToPreviewBox()
        Switch the selenium context inside the iframe. Call switchToDefaultContent() to switch out.
      • switchToDefaultContent

        public void switchToDefaultContent()
        Switch to the main frame.
      • hasError

        public boolean hasError()
      • hasError

        public boolean hasError​(boolean switchBack)
        switchBack - set to true to automatically call switchToDefaultContent() after the return.
        true if the box contain less errors.