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AbstractBrowserPDFPrinter - Class in org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser
Base class for PDFPrinter implementations that rely on a web browser to perform the PDF printing.
AbstractBrowserPDFPrinter() - Constructor for class org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.AbstractBrowserPDFPrinter


BrowserManager - Interface in org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser
Manages the web browser used for printing to PDF.
BrowserTab - Interface in org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser
Represents a web browser tab.


close() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.BrowserManager
close() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.BrowserTab
configuration - Variable in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.AbstractBrowserPDFPrinter
connect(String, int) - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.BrowserManager
Attempts to connect to the web browser that runs on the specified host, behind the specified port.
createIncognitoTab() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.BrowserManager
Opens a new web browser tab that uses a separate browser context (profile).
createRequest() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequestFactory
createRequest() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.script.PDFExportScriptService


DocumentRenderingResult(DocumentReference, XDOM, String) - Constructor for class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobStatus.DocumentRenderingResult
Create a new rendering result for the specified document.


execute(PDFExportJobRequest) - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.script.PDFExportScriptService
Schedule the execution of the given PDF export request.


getBrowserManager() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.AbstractBrowserPDFPrinter
getChromeDockerContainerName() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.PDFExportConfiguration
getChromeDockerImage() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.PDFExportConfiguration
getChromeHost() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.PDFExportConfiguration
getChromeRemoteDebuggingPort() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.PDFExportConfiguration
getConfiguration() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.script.PDFExportScriptService
getDepth() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.macro.PDFTocMacroParameters
getDockerNetwork() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.PDFExportConfiguration
getDocumentReference() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobStatus.DocumentRenderingResult
getDocumentRenderingResults() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobStatus
getDocuments() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
getFileName() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
getHTML() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobStatus.DocumentRenderingResult
getJobId() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.macro.PDFTocMacroParameters
getLastError() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.script.PDFExportScriptService
Get the error generated while performing the previously called action.
getMaxContentSize() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.PDFExportConfiguration
getPageReadyTimeout() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.PDFExportConfiguration
getPDFFileReference() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobStatus
getRequest() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.AbstractBrowserPDFPrinter
getRequiredSkinExtensions() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobStatus
getSource() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.BrowserTab
getTemplate() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
getTemplates() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.PDFExportConfiguration
getThreadPoolSize() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.PDFExportConfiguration
getXDOM() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobStatus.DocumentRenderingResult
getXWikiHost() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.PDFExportConfiguration


isAvailable() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.AbstractBrowserPDFPrinter
isAvailable() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.PDFPrinter
isConnected() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.BrowserManager
isEnabled() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.script.PDFExportScriptService
isReplacingFOP() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.PDFExportConfiguration
isServerSide() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
isServerSide() - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.PDFExportConfiguration
isServerSidePrintingAvailable() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.script.PDFExportScriptService
You should call this only when server-side printing is requested (either by the PDF export configuration or by the PDF export job request) because the availability check can be expensive: the PDF printer needs to be initialized and it needs to verify that the connection between XWiki and the remote web browser (headless Chrome) used for PDF printing is fine.
isWithCover() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
isWithFooter() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
isWithHeader() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
isWithTitle() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
isWithToc() - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest


logger - Variable in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.AbstractBrowserPDFPrinter


navigate(URL) - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.BrowserTab
Navigates to the specified web page, without waiting for it to be fully loaded.
navigate(URL, boolean) - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.BrowserTab
Navigates to the specified web page, optionally waiting for it to be ready (fully loaded).
navigate(URL, Cookie[], boolean) - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.BrowserTab
Navigates to the specified web page, optionally waiting for it to be ready (fully loaded).
navigate(URL, Cookie[], boolean, int) - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.BrowserTab
Navigates to the specified web page, optionally waiting for it to be ready (fully loaded).


org.xwiki.export.pdf - package org.xwiki.export.pdf
org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser - package org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser
org.xwiki.export.pdf.job - package org.xwiki.export.pdf.job
org.xwiki.export.pdf.macro - package org.xwiki.export.pdf.macro
org.xwiki.export.pdf.script - package org.xwiki.export.pdf.script


PDFExportConfiguration - Interface in org.xwiki.export.pdf
PDF export configuration options.
PDFExportJobRequest - Class in org.xwiki.export.pdf.job
Represents a request to export multiple XWiki documents as PDF.
PDFExportJobRequest() - Constructor for class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
Default constructor.
PDFExportJobRequest(Request) - Constructor for class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
PDFExportJobRequestFactory - Interface in org.xwiki.export.pdf.job
Used to create and initialize PDFExportJobRequest instances.
PDFExportJobStatus - Class in org.xwiki.export.pdf.job
The status of the PDF export job.
PDFExportJobStatus(String, PDFExportJobRequest, ObservationManager, LoggerManager) - Constructor for class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobStatus
Create a new PDF export job status.
PDFExportJobStatus.DocumentRenderingResult - Class in org.xwiki.export.pdf.job
The result obtained by rendering a given document.
PDFExportScriptService - Class in org.xwiki.export.pdf.script
Scripting API to export documents as PDF.
PDFExportScriptService() - Constructor for class org.xwiki.export.pdf.script.PDFExportScriptService
PDFPrinter<T> - Interface in org.xwiki.export.pdf
Generic interface to print some data as PDF.
PDFTocMacroParameters - Class in org.xwiki.export.pdf.macro
The parameters supported by PDFTocMacro.
PDFTocMacroParameters() - Constructor for class org.xwiki.export.pdf.macro.PDFTocMacroParameters
print(URL) - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.AbstractBrowserPDFPrinter
print(T) - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.PDFPrinter
Prints the specified data as PDF.
printToPDF(Runnable) - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.BrowserTab
Print the current web page to PDF.


ROLE_HINT - Static variable in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.script.PDFExportScriptService
The role hint of this script service.


safe(T) - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.script.PDFExportScriptService
setBaseURL(URL) - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.browser.BrowserTab
Sets the base URL for the currently loaded web page.
setDepth(int) - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.macro.PDFTocMacroParameters
setDocuments(List<DocumentReference>) - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
Sets the list of documents to export as PDF.
setFileName(String) - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
Sets the file name proposed by the user agent when the user saves the generated PDF on their file system.
setJobId(String) - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.macro.PDFTocMacroParameters
Specifies the PDF export job for which to generate the table of contents.
setRequiredSkinExtensions(String) - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobStatus
Sets the skin extensions required by the rendered documents.
setRightsProperties(PDFExportJobRequest) - Method in interface org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequestFactory
Sets the access rights related properties on the given PDF export request.
setServerSide(boolean) - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
Sets whether to generate the PDF file server-side, as a temporary resource, or client-side.
setTemplate(DocumentReference) - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
Sets the PDF template.
setWithCover(boolean) - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
Sets whether to generate the cover page or not.
setWithFooter(boolean) - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
Sets whether to generate the page footer or not.
setWithHeader(boolean) - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
Sets whether to generate the page header or not.
setWithTitle(Boolean) - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
Sets whether to render the document title, before the document content, or not.
setWithToc(boolean) - Method in class org.xwiki.export.pdf.job.PDFExportJobRequest
Sets whether to generate the table of contents page or not.
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