Class PDFExportJobStatus

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    org.xwiki.job.event.status.CancelableJobStatus, org.xwiki.job.event.status.JobStatus

    public class PDFExportJobStatus
    extends org.xwiki.job.DefaultJobStatus<PDFExportJobRequest>
    The status of the PDF export job.
    14.4.2, 14.5
    $Id: 3509d61cca736abb9cb9ddbc9957432038d9fd64 $
    • Constructor Detail

      • PDFExportJobStatus

        public PDFExportJobStatus​(String jobType,
                                  PDFExportJobRequest request,
                                  org.xwiki.observation.ObservationManager observationManager,
                                  org.xwiki.logging.LoggerManager loggerManager)
        Create a new PDF export job status.
        jobType - the job type
        request - the request provided when the job was started
        observationManager - the observation manager
        loggerManager - the logger manager
    • Method Detail

      • getPDFFileReference

        public TemporaryResourceReference getPDFFileReference()
        the reference of the generated temporary PDF file
      • getRequiredSkinExtensions

        public String getRequiredSkinExtensions()
        the HTML that needs to be placed in the page head in order to pull the resources (JavaScript, CSS) that were asked during the rendering of the documents specified in the PDF export job request
      • setRequiredSkinExtensions

        public void setRequiredSkinExtensions​(String requiredSkinExtensions)
        Sets the skin extensions required by the rendered documents.
        requiredSkinExtensions - the HTML that needs to be placed in the page head in order to pull the skin extensions (JavaScript, CSS) required by the rendered documents