Interface PDFExportConfiguration

  • @Role
    public interface PDFExportConfiguration
    PDF export configuration options.
    14.4.2, 14.5
    $Id: 2a12aaa9a006d2f3db7b87fbac963a9143eee42d $
    • Method Detail

      • getChromeDockerImage

        String getChromeDockerImage()
        the Docker image used to create the Docker container running the headless Chrome web browser; defaults to "zenika/alpine-chrome:latest"
      • getChromeDockerContainerName

        String getChromeDockerContainerName()
        the name of the Docker container running the headless Chrome web browser used to print web pages to PDF; defaults to "headless-chrome-pdf-printer"
      • isChromeDockerContainerReusable

        boolean isChromeDockerContainerReusable()
        true if the Docker container running the headless Chrome web browser can be reused across XWiki restarts, false to remove the container each time XWiki is stopped / restarted; defaults to false
      • getDockerNetwork

        String getDockerNetwork()
        the name or id of the Docker network to add the Chrome Docker container to; this is useful when XWiki itself runs inside a Docker container and you want to have the Chrome container in the same network in order for them to communicate, see getXWikiHost(); defaults to "bridge" the default Docker network
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      • getChromeHost

        String getChromeHost()
        the host running the headless Chrome web browser, specified either by its name or by its IP address; this allows you to use a remote Chrome instance, running on a separate machine, rather than a Chrome instance running in a Docker container on the same machine; defaults to empty value, meaning that by default the PDF export is done using the Chrome instance running in the Docker container specified by getChromeDockerContainerName()
      • getChromeRemoteDebuggingPort

        int getChromeRemoteDebuggingPort()
        the port number used for communicating with the headless Chrome web browser running on the host specified by getChromeHost(); defaults to 9222
      • getXWikiHost

        String getXWikiHost()
        the host name or IP address that the headless Chrome browser should use to access the XWiki instance (i.e. the print preview page); defaults to "host.xwiki.internal" which means the host running the Docker daemon; if XWiki runs itself inside a Docker container then you should use the assigned network alias, provided both containers (XWiki and Chrome) are in the same Docker network, specified by getDockerNetwork();
      • isServerSide

        default boolean isServerSide()
        true if the PDF export should be performed server-side, e.g. using a headless Chrome web browser running inside a Docker container, false if the user's web browser should be used instead; defaults to server-side PDF generation
        14.4.3, 14.5.1, 14.6RC1