Class SessionCreatedEvent

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    public class SessionCreatedEvent
    extends Object
    implements org.xwiki.observation.event.Event
    Event triggered when a new HttpSession is created. This event is the xwiki event triggered when HttpSessionListener.sessionCreated(HttpSessionEvent) is called. Note that this event should *not* be serializable: we probably don't want it to be sent remotely. The following information are also sent:
    • source: the HttpSession that has been created
    • data: null
    14.5, 14.4.1
    $Id: 15f57627babf31c11a7255fcec41d3656546de15 $
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      • SessionCreatedEvent

        public SessionCreatedEvent()
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        public boolean matches​(Object otherEvent)
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        matches in interface org.xwiki.observation.event.Event