Class SetThreadNameServletRequestListener

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    EventListener, javax.servlet.ServletRequestListener

    public class SetThreadNameServletRequestListener
    extends Object
    implements javax.servlet.ServletRequestListener
    Make threads names created by the application server more meaningful. TODO When it will be possible it would be better to do this a component like a RequestInitializer component to work for any kind of container. Right now component can't really access the initial URL.
    $Id: d4d53998a749fbf230400a302bb6ca96c5bbf2ad $
    • Constructor Detail

      • SetThreadNameServletRequestListener

        public SetThreadNameServletRequestListener()
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      • requestInitialized

        public void requestInitialized​(javax.servlet.ServletRequestEvent sre)
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        requestInitialized in interface javax.servlet.ServletRequestListener
      • requestDestroyed

        public void requestDestroyed​(javax.servlet.ServletRequestEvent sre)
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        requestDestroyed in interface javax.servlet.ServletRequestListener