Interface ChartCustomizer

  • @Role
    public interface ChartCustomizer
    Allows implementing JFreeChart customizations (colors, fonts, etc) for the drawn graphs.
    7.4.3, 8.0RC1
    $Id: 2c2399b03c9486bdec180323b939272fb80cb444 $
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      • customize

        void customize​(org.jfree.chart.JFreeChart jFreeChart,
                       Map<String,​String> parameters)
        jFreeChart - the JFree Chart instance representing the graph, on which customizations can be performed
        parameters - the parameters passed to the Chart generator and controlling its aspect (e.g. the Chart Macro allows user to pass those parameters as a string, for example range:B2-D5;series:columns;colors:C3E3F7,1D9FF5,015891,012A45