Class FailingTestDebuggingTestExecutionListener

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    public class FailingTestDebuggingTestExecutionListener
    extends Object
    implements org.junit.platform.launcher.TestExecutionListener
    Provides environment information when a test fails to execute in XWiki's CI environment (i.e. Jenkins), in order to help understanding why the test failed. This is mostly useful for functional tests but it can also be useful for some integration tests (e.g. Greenmail failing to start because its port is already bound by some leftover process, etc).
    $Id: 133d4381c279ce0e4c4fae17d6b6a8ad21539e3d $
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      • FailingTestDebuggingTestExecutionListener

        public FailingTestDebuggingTestExecutionListener()
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        public void executionFinished​(org.junit.platform.launcher.TestIdentifier testIdentifier,
                                      org.junit.platform.engine.TestExecutionResult testExecutionResult)
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        executionFinished in interface org.junit.platform.launcher.TestExecutionListener