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AbstractPomCheck - Class in org.xwiki.tool.enforcer
Allows to write Enforcer Rules that perform checks on the POM.
AbstractPomCheck() - Constructor for class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.AbstractPomCheck
addVersionCheck(VersionCheck) - Method in class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.ValidateDependencyVersion
Add a new dependency version check.


compareDependency(String, Artifact) - Method in class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.XWikiBannedDependencies


execute(EnforcerRuleHelper) - Method in class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.ExternalExtensionCheck
execute(EnforcerRuleHelper) - Method in class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.ValidateDependencyVersion
ExternalExtensionCheck - Class in org.xwiki.tool.enforcer
Enforce some POM values.
ExternalExtensionCheck() - Constructor for class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.ExternalExtensionCheck


getAllowedVersionRegex() - Method in class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.VersionCheck
Note: This method is called automatically by the Maven Enforcer plugin framework.
getCacheId() - Method in class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.AbstractPomCheck
getGroupIdPrefix() - Method in class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.VersionCheck
Note: This method is called automatically by the Maven Enforcer plugin framework.
getMavenProject(EnforcerRuleHelper) - Method in class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.AbstractPomCheck
getModel(EnforcerRuleHelper) - Method in class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.AbstractPomCheck
The Maven model as it's present in the project's pom.xml (non resolved).
getResolvedModel(EnforcerRuleHelper) - Method in class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.AbstractPomCheck
The resolved Maven model (i.e.


isCacheable() - Method in class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.AbstractPomCheck
isResultValid(EnforcerRule) - Method in class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.AbstractPomCheck


org.xwiki.tool.enforcer - package org.xwiki.tool.enforcer


setAllowedVersionRegex(String) - Method in class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.VersionCheck
setGroupIdPrefix(String) - Method in class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.VersionCheck


ValidateDependencyVersion - Class in org.xwiki.tool.enforcer
Performs checks on the version specified for dependencies in pom.xml files.
ValidateDependencyVersion() - Constructor for class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.ValidateDependencyVersion
VersionCheck - Class in org.xwiki.tool.enforcer
A single check for verifying a dependency version.
VersionCheck() - Constructor for class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.VersionCheck


XWikiBannedDependencies - Class in org.xwiki.tool.enforcer
Same as BannedDependencies but compares groupId and artifactId using regexes.
XWikiBannedDependencies() - Constructor for class org.xwiki.tool.enforcer.XWikiBannedDependencies
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