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appendDetail(StringBuffer, String, Collection<?>) - Method in class org.xwiki.text.XWikiToStringStyle
appendDetail(StringBuffer, String, Map<?, ?>) - Method in class org.xwiki.text.XWikiToStringStyle


doubleChar(String, char) - Static method in class org.xwiki.text.StringUtils
An attempt to make doubling a character (usually for escaping purposes) as fast as it can be.


org.xwiki.text - package org.xwiki.text


setSeparator(String) - Method in class org.xwiki.text.XWikiToStringStyle
StringUtils - Class in org.xwiki.text
Extends StringUtils with some more useful tools.
StringUtils() - Constructor for class org.xwiki.text.StringUtils


toAlphaNumeric(String) - Static method in class org.xwiki.text.StringUtils
Removes all non alpha numerical characters from the passed text.


XWikiToStringBuilder - Class in org.xwiki.text
Make it simple to use the XWiki ToStringStyle.
XWikiToStringBuilder(Object) - Constructor for class org.xwiki.text.XWikiToStringBuilder
Uses the XWiki ToStringStyle.
XWikiToStringStyle - Class in org.xwiki.text
Custom XWiki Style for ToStringBuilder.
XWikiToStringStyle() - Constructor for class org.xwiki.text.XWikiToStringStyle
Sets the XWiki style.
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