Class WrappedThreadEventListener

    • Constructor Detail

      • WrappedThreadEventListener

        public WrappedThreadEventListener​(EventListener listener)
        listener - the wrapped listener
      • WrappedThreadEventListener

        public WrappedThreadEventListener​(EventListener listener,
                                          Thread thread)
        listener - the wrapped listener
        thread - the thread to match to receive events
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public String getName()
        the listener's name. It's a free form text identifying this listener instance in a unique manner. This name is used for some operations in ObservationManager.
      • onEventInternal

        protected void onEventInternal​(Event event,
                                       Object source,
                                       Object data)
        Description copied from class: AbstractThreadEventListener
        Called when the event has been produce by the proper Thread.
        Specified by:
        onEventInternal in class AbstractThreadEventListener
        event - the event triggered. Can be used to differentiate different events if your Object supports several events for example.
        source - the event source i.e. the object for which the event was triggered. For example this would be the document Object if the event is a document update event.
        data - some additional and optional data passed that can be acted on.