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createCustomizer() - Method in interface org.xwiki.groovy.GroovyCompilationCustomizer


getCompilationCustomizerNames() - Method in interface org.xwiki.groovy.GroovyConfiguration
getCompilationCustomizers() - Method in interface org.xwiki.groovy.GroovyConfiguration
getTimeout() - Method in interface org.xwiki.groovy.TimedInterruptCustomizerConfiguration
GroovyCompilationCustomizer - Interface in org.xwiki.groovy
Allow providing Groovy's CompilationCustomizers to perform Groovy customization such as: automatically add imports, stop script execution after a certain timeout, prevents using some imports/statements/operators/etc, and more.
GroovyConfiguration - Interface in org.xwiki.groovy
Configuration properties for the Groovy engine.


org.xwiki.groovy - package org.xwiki.groovy


TimedInterruptCustomizerConfiguration - Interface in org.xwiki.groovy
Configuration properties for the Timed Interrupt Compilation Customizer.
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