Interface RemoteExtension

All Superinterfaces:
Comparable<Extension>, Extension
All Known Subinterfaces:
IndexedExtension, RatingExtension
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractRatingExtension, AbstractRemoteExtension, WrappingIndexedExtension, WrappingRatingExtension, WrappingRemoteExtension

public interface RemoteExtension extends Extension
An extension that come from a remote extensions repository.

A remote extension repository is any repository which is not one of the repository listed in ExtensionRepositoryManager. It means it could be a Maven repository targeting some file:///my/repository/path for example.

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    • isRecommended

      default boolean isRecommended()
      Indicate if the extension is recommended by the repository where it come from.

      What "recommended" exactly means depend on the repository giving this information.

      For example on the meaning is the extension is known to be of good quality and still officially supported by its author.

      true if the extension is recommended