Class AbstractFilteredExtensionRepository

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractFilteredExtensionRepository

        public AbstractFilteredExtensionRepository()
    • Method Detail

      • addFilter

        public void addFilter​(String field,
                              Object value,
                              ExtensionQuery.COMPARISON comparison)
        field - the name of the field
        value - the value to compare to
        comparison - the comparison to apply
      • resolveVersions

        public IterableResult<Version> resolveVersions​(String id,
                                                       int offset,
                                                       int nb)
                                                throws ResolveException
        Description copied from interface: ExtensionRepository
        Return ordered (ascendent) versions for the provided extension id.
        id - the id of the extensions for which to return versions
        offset - the offset from where to start returning versions
        nb - the maximum number of versions to return
        the versions of the provided extension id
        ExtensionNotFoundException - when the extension does not exist in the repository
        ResolveException - fail to find extension for provided id
      • isFilterable

        public boolean isFilterable()
        true if the searched extensions can be filtered
      • isSortable

        public boolean isSortable()
        true if the searched extensions can be ordered